Sasha Sloan: 'Ready Yet' Stream, Lyrics, & Download - Pay attention Now!


Sasha Sloan has dropped her debut single “Ready However,” and you can listen to it right here!

You may possibly understand the 22-year-old indie singer and songwriter’s voice from tracks like Kygo‘s “This City,” Odesza‘s “Falls,” and King Henry‘s “I’ll Be There,” all of which she also wrote.

Sasha has currently been sought right after by Troye Sivan, Noah Cyrus, Camila Cabello, Tinashe, Steve Aoki, Louis Tomlinson, and far more.

“It’s tough for me to be mad at you, I don’t want to be,” she sings on the psychological track “Ready But.” “It’s hard for me to be mad at you ’cause there is element of me that enjoys you nevertheless, usually will.”

24.11.17 13:28


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